Bachelor Pick of the Week

"Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?" 

I couldn't help but think that this line from last night's The Men Tell All pretty much describes this entire season of the Bachelorette. The majority of the men this season were either bad, as in creepy (fantasy suite guy), weird (STOP with the poetry and singing), or just not quite right for Des. Or they were BAD bad, as in Ben, James, and guy with the girlfriend (?).

Poor Des.

My exception to this, of course, is also my Bachelor Pick of the Week:

Juan Pablo

Oh wait. Oops. I guess I can't pick Juan Pablo anymore...

Ok. Ok. Enough of that. (Please, please, please can he be the next Bachelor?). My REAL pick of the week is obviously and predictably:


Though I'm pretty nervous about picking Brooks this week. This whole season I've thought it was a sure thing. Until now! What the heck is happening with all the crying in the finale? I know Chris has said a bazillion times that this will be the most dramatic season finale ever, but last night he said he meant it this time! Why is the finale split into two nights? Maybe I'm just being a gullible Bachelorette viewer who believes the hype, but I'm nervous, guys! 

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